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I have 3 pairs of Zion's Den leggings and my baby girl has 2 pairs. I can honestly say they are the best things ever! I am 5 foot tall, and after having two LARGE babies my body isn't the way it used to be. These leggings are so flattering and forgiving! I wear them to exercise, to lounge in, and to do Mom-business. I am a nurse, and though my scrubs are super comfy, I can't wait to get home and slip in to my ZDL!

Taylor Hansen

I have 2 full pairs of leggings, 1 pair of crops, and 1 pair of shorts. They all fit REALLY well! There is absolutely no concern for the see-through factor, and they are beautiful!! I have the red mermaid, camo, green peacock, and black mermaid patterns. I get compliments on them every time I wear them. One of my favorite features is the waistband. It's high and can be worn up for more coverage (made it wearable even while prego) or folded down for a more sporty look. I wear a size small and am 5'5" and 130lbs.

Stefanie Stephenson

I've never in my life liked leggings, until Zions den. These leggings are always well made and out of the best and softest fabrics with amazing designs, and can easily be worn year round. The comfort of the leggings is out of this world. At this point I own 7 pairs of Zions Den leggings as well as a variety of other items she sells, all are of fantastic quality. Everything ordered ships quick and easy. I have always experienced receiving my Zions den quicker than originally thought. All around a great store to buy from, especially if you find yourself wanting comfortable leggings that last.

Kathryn Simpkins

I absolutely LOVE my Zions Den Apparel turquoise mermaid leggings! The fit is true-to-size, length is perfect and I can tell the material and stitching will hold up to many barre and yoga workouts. I constantly get compliments on these leggings, and love them so much that I just ordered some more leggings from Zions Den! The only thing better than Zions Den leggings is the amazing customer service from Devin- she always responds to questions so quickly and goes above and beyond as a business owner.

Caroline Bowen

I guess there really is not much I can say negative about ZDA. I have been a customer for about three years and I can't imagine turning back. Every pair of leggings has an amazing special touch, from the fabric, to the pattern, to the fact that they are HANDMADE! The BEST part of ZDA would have to be the customer service. The way that items are able to be customized and that questions are answered so swiftly you wouldn't imagine the amount of volume they put out. They give the small business feel but the big business quality and backing. I am always so excited to see the new items that are put out because they continue to get better and better. I love outfitting myself and my little girls in something I feel I can support completely. I'm so happy I found ZDA! If your looking for quality, style, and amazing customer service ZDA is where it's at. I'm always impressed. I totally suggest getting your Den on.

Kayleigh Brickey

I just want to say thank you for your amazing leggings. I currently don't wear them for yoga purposes, but hope to get back into soon. As a double c-section momma 16 months apart my lower stomach has been left with skin folds and sag that I have been very self conscious of. I was blessed with my first pregnancy on our honeymoon, and didn't handle my growing and changing body with as much grace as i would like to admit. with a lot of love and some fabulous leggings with a high waist I am able to feel comfortable in my own skin. I hope to continue to grow my collection, three just isn’t enough. thank you for making such a wonderful product for those of us needing a lit boost of confidence. and for a loving reminder, that just because our bodies look different doesn’t mean we are any less sexy.


I can't say enough about these leggings. They are truly the "Little Black Dress" of my leggings collection. I've worn them to the gym to work out, under my snow pants as a base layer, with a tunic for hanging out around the house, and with a flowy dress and boots to work in the winter. Thick high-quality fabric, well made, and the customization options are a total perk. I'm 6'3" and finding long inseam leggings is nearly impossible. ZDA has top notch customer service and is very quick to communicate with and answer my questions. I can honestly say, I won't be buying my leggings anywhere else.

Kristen Gauthier

I absolutely love Zions Den leggings!!!! They are soooooo comfortable and so fun to wear! Every time I have them on, I get so many compliments. A few people at the yoga studio have already checked them out and ordered them. I'm so happy that hey are made in the USA and hand made with love. The sports bras are perfect fit, I could wear them never Day! I want to collect every pattern. Can't wait to grow my collection even more.

Lisa B Exeter, NH

I have ordered numerous leggings for both myself and my daughter and they all have been fabulous!! Devin has always provided the most amazing service as well with an awesome product!!!

Heather C.Dallas, TX

I purchased my first pair of leggings from Zion's Den after being tried of pulling and tugging to keep "other" leggings pulled up. I am 5 months pregnant and I added the maternity band to my solid leggings. The fit on these were perfectly and I don't spend the day pulling and tugging. I am on the taller side and the length was perfection. The quality in material is noticeable as soon as you pull them out of the package. I didn't have to worry about holes or getting a hole in them during the day as the material is a nice thickness without being bulky. Don't waste time like I did second guessing a purchase...just do it and enjoy the amazing quality that is Zion's Den.

Kimberly R.

I won a pair of black brushed leggings through Zion's Den Apparel's Instagram page and I must say they are the most comfy leggings I own. They are also my go to bottoms when doing any kind of traveling. I'm addicted!

Tracy Wilson

Love at first try!! you mean yoga shorts that don't cut off circulation and literally fit perfectly?? FOUND. Multiple other brands shorts are just way too tight to be comfortable for yoga etc. These are the magical balance of perfect fit, comfort and move-ability to really do anything in them. Not to mention so dang comfortable!! Can't wait to get more!

Stacey Lyons

I have the hardest time finding workout clothes, especially shorts. They are always too short. If they fit my waist they are way too tight on my thighs. If they fit my thighs they fall off my waist. Enter Zions Den! I love that I can completely customize them. Need a medium waist with a large cut leg? You got it! Want a 7 inch inseam? You can have that too! The high waist band stays in place even while doing burpees making sure that everything that should be covered is covered. The brushed fabric is so cool and comfortable and the leg openings don't ride up. I really can't say enough good things and can't believe how comfortable and confident these shorts make me!

Kate Mazzolini